Call for Papers

Harvard Divinity School
March 24–25, 2017

A concern about temporality pervades the whole of Christian liturgical practice. Christian liturgy observes cycles of time, notably through the flow of the liturgical calendar over the course of the year. Christians mark time throughout the day in the Divine Office, pausing to note the hour as it passes. Within the week, the liturgy can concentrate each day around a theme, flavoring the passing of time as it transpires. More than merely noting the time, liturgy also seeks to act upon time itself. In the great liturgical dramas of Holy Week, the ritual bends time, folding it on itself so that “this is the night” every Easter Vigil. The liturgy itself may strive to present an age to come, or an alternate temporality alongside the “everyday.”

The Harvard Liturgy and Theology / New England Anglican Studies Conference, sponsored by HDS Episcopal/Anglican Fellowship, invites proposals for papers addressing the theme of liturgical temporality. Proposals may address Christian traditions customarily understood as “liturgical” (e.g., Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, etc.), as well as explorations of liturgical practices in other Christian traditions. Practitioners are also warmly invited to submit academic proposals.

Possible fields in connection to liturgy and time may include, but are not limited to:

  • systematic/constructive theology
  • philosophy
  • literature
  • drama and performance studies
  • feminist and queer theories
  • economics
  • utopia and heterotopia studies
  • lived religion

Send proposals of 300-500 words to conference organizer, L. Patrick Burrows, at Proposals are due by January 20, 2017.